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Don't miss these beautiful two-story townhouses with basements in Mill Cove Park. This area is especially family friendly, and is close to the beach and schools. Please note: These units use an oil-based heating system. We aren't your average landlord. VIDA is flipping the script and revolutionizing budget-friendly living in Hubbards! We prioritize our 4 Pillars - Safety & Security, Cleanliness, Community and Opportunity - at each of our buildings, so our residents have a space they can be proud of. To set up a viewing please apply online at vidaliving.ca. To help foster our residents' financial sustainability we've partnered with Zenbase to offer flexible rent payments. To learn more about Zenbase or any other VIDA Perks, please go to www.vidaperks.ca. Please note that the in-unit photos provided are representative of the VIDA's overall style and quality in this area, rather than exact depictions of each individual unit.

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