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Posted June 21, 2023

Creating a Sense of Belonging: A Resident Journey Interview with Adam

In this Resident and BA Journey interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Adam, a resident and building ambassador at Vida. Adam shares his experiences and insights into how Vida's commitment to community and inclusivity has transformed the living experience for residents. From his initial encounter with Vida to his role as a building ambassador, Adam highlights the positive impact that a strong sense of belonging and supportive community can have on individuals.

Discovering Vida: Adam first discovered Vida when they took over the apartment building he was residing in, previously managed by Wallace and Churro. Intrigued by Vida's mission and values, Adam saw it as a positive move for the community.

Creating a Community-Oriented Environment: Under Vida's management, Adam noticed a distinct shift toward a more community-oriented atmosphere. Vida strives to make every resident feel valued and included, fostering a deep sense of friendship and belonging. The emphasis on community is evident through various initiatives, such as community contests, barbecues, and events organized by building ambassadors using extra funding. These efforts enhance the overall living experience and promote connections among residents.

Exploring Local Perks: Vida also partners with local businesses to provide exclusive perks to residents. Adam enthusiastically shares his favorite spot, Aroma Maya, where he enjoys their incredible donuts and indulges in a Cream Egg latte. These partnerships not only benefit residents but also contribute to supporting local businesses.

Becoming a Building Ambassador: Adam's journey as a building ambassador began when he saw a flyer announcing the search for building ambassadors. Intrigued by the opportunity to support his community, Adam reached out to Lindsay, the community contact. Recognizing Adam's genuine interest and alignment with the role, Lindsay welcomed him aboard. As a building ambassador, Adam finds joy in assisting and connecting with residents, especially seniors who may require additional attention and support.

Skills for Success: Adam emphasizes the importance of patience, communication, flexibility, and a positive attitude as vital skills for his role as a building ambassador. Patience enables him to work effectively with residents, understanding and addressing their unique challenges. Communication skills help him create an approachable and responsive environment, ensuring residents feel comfortable sharing their concerns. Flexibility allows Adam to adapt his support to meet individual needs, be it assisting with tasks or helping newcomers settle in. Through his positive attitude, Adam promotes a joyful atmosphere within the building, organizing events that foster social interaction and enhance residents' overall experience.

The Impact on Adam's Life: Being part of Vida and serving as a building ambassador has been incredibly rewarding for Adam. It has provided opportunities to connect with neighbors, learn from diverse perspectives, and make a positive difference in residents' lives. The sense of belonging and camaraderie cultivated by Vida has deeply impacted Adam's own well-being, creating an environment where he feels accepted, valued, and genuinely at home.

Conclusion: Adam's interview offers a glimpse into the transformative power of community and inclusivity within Vida. Through their dedication to building a welcoming environment, Vida has not only enriched the lives of residents but also empowered individuals like Adam to make a meaningful impact within their communities. By fostering a strong sense of belonging, Vida continues to create enjoyable living experiences and a supportive network for all residents.