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Posted November 25, 2022

Another Set of Stories From Our Residents About How VIDA Impacted Their Life

These stories continue to remind us what an impact it has on people to have a safe, secure, community-driven, and affordable home.

VIDA has allowed me to finally pay down some debts and take on a leadership role in our community 

"Working with Vida as a building ambassador has allowed me to take on more of a leadership role in our community. The rent credit has allowed me to finally pay down some debts I’ve accumulated. Vida has taught me to take a more active role in maintaining and keeping our community safe."

VIDA Building Ambassador

When we moved in we instantly felt a relief we felt at home

"Vida has impacted our life simply by giving us a place to call home a place to raise our 8 month old baby girl and in a few months our second child will be born we had a hard time finding a place to rent until we came across VIDA they accepted us without a hassle - we where living in my wife's mother's basement but once we moved in we instantly felt a relief we felt at home it was an amazing feeling me personally I never had a place of my own we have nice neighbours who don't cause problems although we stick to ourselves, quiet neighborhood, I don't think there's a better place then VIDA living."

New VIDA Resident, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Forever thankful - freed our animals from a locked Uhaul on moving day

“We moved in 2019 and it was a very hectic day, mistakes were made. But we make it from Halifax to Truro with the U-Haul and the cats in the cab with us. I go ahead to start the lease signing and my wife in a panic closed the door with the windows up and door locked. We were near in tears and frantically looking for help and ideas. In walks a VIDA maintenance guy I can’t remember his name.....comes in the back door of the office and he said is it a Ford? We reply yes!!! He said come with me I think I can help....WELL WITHIN A MINUTE he had managed to unlock our U-Haul and free our animals. We are still forever thankful a wave every time we see him. Very lasting memory to us."

VIDA Residents, Truro, NS

For once, I have a safe and comfortable home to call my own where I can heal my trauma and come back to life

"I came to Truro, and VIDA Living, in June of 2022 from Toronto. After a lifetime of emotionally abusive relationships I needed distance and a fresh start to find myself again. 

My oldest daughter and her family moved to Truro during the pandemic and really enjoyed it. When I finally had a chance to visit them last September, when the pandemic eased up, the community made a good impression on me. When my lease in Toronto was ending unexpectedly, the kids found this VIDA apartment online, only a few blocks from where they live. They took me on a video tour with them and I rented it, without actually being there until I moved in. It was a coincidence that my son-in-law actually knew the woman who had lived her before me and he had been here before! 

I took a big breath, packed up my few things into a UHaul container along with some items that friends and family donated, and began a whole new chapter.  

I love my apartment! It was in wonderful condition when I moved in. I’ve furnished it with donations from friends and family, thrift stores and FB Marketplace…and it turned out beautifully. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had my own space and the freedom to create my own surroundings. For once, I have a safe and comfortable home to call my own where I can heal my trauma and come back to life. The building is clean and quiet. The neighbors have been warm and welcoming. I’m starting to join a few community groups and I’m preparing for my first Maritime winter. I love being close to my daughter and the grandchildren, that’s the icing on the cake! 

Thank you to VIDA Living for making this possible. I’m nesting like a contented mother hen, and hoping to enjoy my new home for a long time."

With gratitude, 

VIDA Resident, Truro, Nova Scotia