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Posted November 4, 2022

VIDA Gives Resident Buying Her First Home a Surprising Farewell

Samantha and her husband were residents of Mandaville Court in Halifax but didn’t start at a ­­VIDA building. They lived across the street and noticed the renovations underway as VIDA had recently acquired 8 Mandaville Court and was getting 2-floor units with separate ground floor entrances and yards ready for occupancy, all renovated t­o welcome more residents home to VIDA.

When they found out rent would also be $200 less a month, they (along with their pup) applied and were soon moving into a newly-renovated suite at Mandaville Court. They started saving in 2020 and as a result, were able to pay for their wedding, and then for a down-payment on their first house. They asked to break their lease (more on that later) and got ready for their big move.

Community Matters

When asked how her experience was at VIDA in her Resident Journey Interview, Samantha said she loved the neighbourhood and made friends with many people who lived around there. She described her experience with the Building Ambassadors like this:

  • They were so quick to respond if anything went wrong they would show up that day
  • They were almost like my friends, I felt super comfortable with them

Getting Ahead

VIDA focuses relentlessly on delivering on our 4 Pillars of: Safety & Security, Cleanliness, Community, and Opportunity. One of the reasons VIDA’s suites are always affordable (often 20%-30% below market rent!) is that we want our residents to get ahead in life. We love celebrating life milestones with tenants, so when Samantha told us she was buying a house we were thrilled to offer to pay for her move!

Landlords can and do often refuse to terminate leases until the term is up due to the admin strain, the headache of finding a new tenant, and the list goes on, but we’re proud to go against the grain! Instead of holding people back, we get to celebrate their success and hopefully leave them with warm memories of their time at VIDA.

VIDA's Resident Incentives

There are several resident incentives much like the new home purchase credit, for things like:

  • Buying your first car
  • Re-entering the workforce after a time off
  • Getting a promotion at work
  • Having a baby

And more!

To watch the interview with Samantha: