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Posted October 4, 2023

VIDA’s New Virtual Healthcare Set to Transform Affordable Communities in Canada

There’s a saying: “If you don’t have your health, then you don’t have much.” VIDA is taking another innovative leap forward to support customers in their daily lives. On November 1st, the revolutionary real estate company will redefine the landscape of affordable communities, by integrating virtual healthcare into its customer offerings.

Canada's healthcare system faces many challenges, especially in provinces like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Manitoba. The strain is palpable, and individuals in these markets often struggle to access a family doctor or timely healthcare services. VIDA, attuned to this reality, has identified health and wellness as integral components that bind the company’s foundational pillars of Safety & Security, Cleanliness, Opportunity, and Community.

Many of VIDA’s customers are new to Canada, students, and working-class citizens who in some cases struggle to find a family doctor. The rise in virtual healthcare shouldn’t be considered a corporate convenience for a select few; it’s a technological service that can alleviate the pressures of flooded emergency rooms, all from the comforts of home.

In a study conducted by one of Canada’s top virtual healthcare providers, roughly 500,000 Canadians miss time at work each week due to poor mental health issues. And compassionate virtual care has quickly become the ideal resource for combating anxiety and depression.

VIDA customers can now access 24/7 on-demand solutions and see a live physician on a screen within minutes. During the pandemic, virtual care surged to support more than 5 million Canadians. In addition to combating mental health concerns, some of the other ways virtual healthcare can serve people best include general medical advice, prescriptions, specialist referrals, lab work requests, diagnoses, case management, forms and access to allied health professionals.

A building ambassador, a member of VIDA’s building services team, and a mother of two children, Brandi Bond understands the value of this opportunity.

“I don’t have much time, and waiting for weeks to spend more time in a doctor’s office if one of my children has a sore throat only compounds the issue,” she says. “Now that this is available, it’s much more convenient to help keep my life moving. I can now talk to a healthcare practitioner immediately, send a picture and find a quick solution to health issues that may arise in my home. It will help me stay on top of my roles and protect my family. That touches VIDA’s pillars of security and even opportunity, and it will make a big difference in people’s lives.”

Healthy residents are more likely to seize opportunities and actively engage in community activities, strengthening the bonds holding VIDA’s communities together.

VIDA’s commitment to revolutionizing affordable communities in Canada goes beyond the real estate industry. By introducing virtual healthcare at an affordable rate, the company is acknowledging the intrinsic link between health and the overall wellness of its residents and staff. In doing so, VIDA is changing the landscape of affordable communities, by making them healthier and more vibrant.

VIDA media contact: Joel Goodman, Public Relations,