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Posted May 17, 2024

Brandi Bond shows how VIDA helps people step into their gifts

In the run of a day, Brandi Bond can be found moving quickly from the midrise buildings she’s improving each day. While the young women is in the heart of Halifax today, her work ethic is rooted in northern Nova Scotia.

Brandi’s story is crafted amid the wilderness, where her father's teachings in and around a log cabin laid the foundation for a remarkable work ethic that defines her role today as a member of VIDA's Building Services Squad.  

Bond's upbringing was a testament to hands-on learning and self-sufficiency. Growing up in Long Point, Cape Breton, her father was a true jack of all trades and instilled in her many skills from an early age. From tinkering with cars to chopping wood, Bond embraced a world where independence was nurtured.

Reflecting on her formative years, Bond acknowledges her father's sage teachings, remarking, "He raised me like a son, showing me invaluable lessons in self-sufficiency. There was no princess treatment. I learned the value of hard work, starting from chopping and stacking wood in our quarter-mile driveway off Route 19."

A soft compassion for helping others also sits within Brandi’s heart. It’s something that stems from her mother, who always went above and beyond to help friends and elderly folks around the small community. From dropping off food, to taking those who needed help getting to appointments, Brandi saw her mom’s supportive nature in action throughout her life.

As an adult, her journey meandered through different career avenues, including a stint in medical administration, to an introspective pause, due to the lack of fulfillment in repetitive deskwork.

After the birth of her second child, fate intervened when the single mother of two landed a VIDA apartment in Halifax. Initially agreeing to help clean in exchange for rent credits, little did she know that this decision would set the stage for multi-layered growth within the company. Starting humbly, Bond's dedication and eagerness to learn propelled her from cleaning roles to taking charge of multiple buildings as a Building Ambassador within a remarkably short span.  

Her initiation into refurbishing units was met with a learning curve. Yet, she persevered, developing skills in painting, drywalling, and various other maintenance tasks to support customers. VIDA became more than an employer; it became a platform for Brandi to leverage existing skills while acquiring new ones. She even ventured into unconventional repairs like fixing potholes, a testament to her resourcefulness.

Bond's trajectory within VIDA has been an inspiration for those interested in exploring new opportunities. From unit refurbishments to broader responsibilities as a salaried employee on the Building Services Team, she's become an integral part of the company's operations. Her pursuit of further education, including a home inspector's course, underlines her commitment to professional development and enhancing her contribution to the company.

Beyond her professional achievements, Bond embodies a sense of community within VIDA's residences. She extends her support to fellow residents, fostering a spirit of solidarity by aiding, whether driving someone to a medical appointment or offering a helping hand in a time of need.

Her ethos revolves around not just the company's structures and growth but also nurturing a community where everyone feels cared for and respected. Bond's commitment to ensuring residents feel at home underscores VIDA's mission to provide opportunity in living spaces established around the pillars of safety & security, cleanliness, opportunity and community.

From the rustic landscapes of her upbringing to the bustling cityscape where she now thrives, Brandi Bond’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, continuous learning, and an unwavering belief in the strength of community within VIDA.