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Posted May 21, 2024

VIDA plays supportive role in establishing a path to homeownership for customers 

For newcomers to Canada, establishing oneself in a new land comes with a steep learning curve. It's more than just arriving with skills and dreams; it requires immersion into the community and a supportive response. VIDA, a company revolutionizing affordable communities, offers a platform for people to step into their gifts and get ahead amid a national housing crisis. Among the plethora of offerings and solutions VIDA provides is a $350 perk incentive to anyone from their communities who achieves the dream of purchasing a first home. Since becoming new Canadian citizens, Rishabh and Meenakshi Dev are the latest customers to receive such a perk from the company.  

Inside the cozy dining room of Rishabh and Meenakshi Dev's new home in Timberlea, Nova Scotia, an array of plants are basking in the afternoon sunlight that streams through the window. After recently taking possession of their first home, the couple is settling into Canadian life with great optimism.  

The couple’s journey from India started six years ago, when Rishabh arrived in Halifax as a student from India, eager to explore a new country and pursue his studies in business intelligence at the Nova Scotia Community College. Meenakshi followed soon after, and once reunited the Dev’s initial landing pad in Canada together was VIDA's Fairview community. As customers, they experienced firsthand the power of community support and engagement. From helpful Building Ambassadors to innovative initiatives like gamified community contests, VIDA provided more than just a place to live, it offered a sense of belonging. 

"The Building Ambassadors were instrumental in helping us adjust to our new surroundings," Rishabh recalls. "Their support, coupled with the engaging activities organized by VIDA truly made us feel at home." 

"Moving to a new country isn’t easy. But the warmth and welcoming nature of the people in Canada, especially in Nova Scotia, made a significant difference for us. We felt embraced by the community from the moment we arrived." 

With backgrounds in finance and science, respectively, Rishabh and Meenakshi eventually found employment at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. The road to employment had its challenges, but the pair’s resilience paid off. 

As they explored Nova Scotia and familiarized themselves with the region, Rishabh and Meenakshi discovered Timberlea, on the outskirts of Halifax. The community resonated with their aspirations for a peaceful and family-friendly environment. With schools, walking trails, playgrounds, and welcoming neighbours, Timberlea felt like the perfect place to put down roots. 

When the time came for the Devs to transition from renting to homeownership, VIDA proved to be a supportive partner in their journey. Flexible lease arrangements and a $350 VIDA Perks incentive for first-time homebuyers made the transition pleasant, allowing them to focus on the exciting prospect of owning their own home in a new land.  

“VIDA was very quick to respond and was okay with holding the lease until the end of March,” says Rishabh. “The process was smooth, with the closing of our home taking place in early March. It gave us time to do a home inspection. The $350 incentive support was nice, helping with the costs of moving that can add up quickly.” 

The $350 incentive support is just one of many ways that make VIDA unique in creating affordability. The couple found out about the perk through their Building Ambassador. Other central aspects that go into VIDA’s mission to revolutionize affordable communities include access to virtual healthcare, skill-building, educational support and engagement through gamification and technology.  

Reflecting on their journey, Rishabh and Meenakshi express gratitude for the support they've received and the opportunities that have come their way. With VIDA's support, they found a place to live and a community to call their own—a community where everyone is encouraged to learn and grow together. 

As they embrace their future in Canada, the Devs look forward to contributing to their new community and building a life enriched by the friendliness found in Nova Scotia. 

“The warmth of the people here certainly helps make the difference when it comes to dealing with Canadian winters,” Rishabh says with a smile. I see people helping each other, and people willing to create environments where everyone can learn from different cultures.” 

VIDA's innovative approach to affordable housing has fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment for newcomers like the Devs, proving that anything is possible with the proper support and community engagement. 

On-hand to present the $350 cheque on behalf of the company, during the sunny afternoon, in Timberlea is Akhil Nair. A new VIDA resident and employee, the young man from India sits on the couple’s living room couch and absorbs his surroundings. The experience helps him see firsthand the potential of what can be accomplished in Canada, with the help of a little innovation and community support.   

(For any VIDA customer interested in receiving the first-time homebuyer perk incentive, please reach out to your Building Ambassador for information with official proof of home purchase documents prepared.)