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Posted July 14, 2022 by Clare Trites, Marketing Intern @ VIDA

Cultural Deep Dive With Ron Lovett

How it all Began

In March 2019, during the early stages of the pandemic,  Ron Lovett began his podcast: Scaling Culture. Every other week he speaks with a different thought leader who shares their experience with building high-performing cultures.  

The podcast was started to fill a gap in the people and culture space, providing practical information for leaders on how-to create systems and processes that build culture within the workplace. Ron started with a list of authors and leaders he wanted to interview, and has been checking them off ever since. Through these interviews, Ron is able to pass on their knowledge to other leaders around the globe!  

When looking for guests speakers to interview for the podcast, Ron looks for these qualities: 

  • Ron prioritizes how-to knowledge over theoretical knowledge - he wants to know exactly how other leaders can implement these changes 

  • A high energy speaker

  • Extensive experience  

  • Interesting stories  

  • Diverse background  

  • And they must be obsessed with people and culture!

Rons Greatest Lesson From Scaling Culture 

It was when Jeff Immelt, Chairman, and CEO of GE, was interviewed and mentioned that coaches and leaders should stop thinking out loud. “This was an aha moment for me. As a leader, we take for granted sometimes the impact our words have on others as I've been guilty of doing this.”  

Rons Favorite Scaling Culture Episode

Rons personal favorite guest interview was with Lori Costew, Chief Diversity Officer and People Strategy at Ford Motor Company. They discussed diversity, inclusion, and equity and how these efforts help cultivate a culture of belonging and advance the organization’s mission and business objectives. She discusses the importance of training leaders and how truly listening is one of their key strategies/successes in driving inclusivity in their company culture at Ford. Check out the full episode for more details! 

Currently, there are over 70 episodes to listen to on all your favourite podcast platforms. Enjoy!!