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Posted July 14, 2022 by Clare Trites, Marketing Intern @ VIDA

How VIDA Gave Sandra Wilson Her Purpose in Life Back

VIDA is so much more than just a job to Sandra. “VIDA came along just when I needed it most. I went through a tough few years and VIDA helped me refocus on who I have always been by being able to help people and give back to the community, which aligns so perfectly with VIDA’s purpose - Creating Community.”  

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Sandra about her time at VIDA and her roles as the Accounts Receivable Coordinator and Building Ambassador at 30 Springhill Rd in Dartmouth, NS. Now, let’s dive into our conversation with Sandra! 

The Road to VIDA 

Sandra was born and raised in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. She moved to Halifax in 1996 to take a job as a superintendent. Sandra has been in property management ever since, with over 24 years of experience in the real estate industry! The role gave her the opportunity to stay at home with her two young children, all while earning an income.  

In early 2019 Sandra was notified that her buildings were being bought by an unknown company. When Sandra received this news, she had a gut feeling that it was a growing business embarking on big things. After some digging, she learned that VIDA was the purchaser. Sandra did not know much about VIDA at the time but after doing a little research she stumbled upon an article in the news about VIDA and its founder, Ron Lovett. Sandra said to herself, “This guy has it figured out. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could work for VIDA!” To her great relief, she was hired to be a Building Ambassador for VIDA. At that time, Sandra was not happy in her 9-5 job. She was so excited the day VIDA asked her to join the office team as the Accounts Receivable Coordinator. Sandra mentioned that the excitement remains, as VIDA continues to grow. “It’s always changing, but for the better.” 

Impact and Opportunity with VIDA 

Growing up, Sandra always envisioned herself in a business role but didn’t know exactly what that would look like. After becoming a young mom, she was unable to get the secondary education she was hoping for. This did not stop Sandra though! She had so much life experience to give. “At this point in life, even if I went to school, I don’t think there is anything they could teach me that I don’t already know.” If it wasn’t for VIDA giving her this amazing opportunity, Sandra mentioned she would’ve had to work a minimum wage job just to get by. She would not have had the opportunities to showcase her skills or gain more knowledge. At VIDA we believe in giving our tenants opportunities and the chance to move ahead in life but we also believe this for our VIDA office employees! Sandra put it well; “VIDA gives us the opportunity and supports us to take any courses we want to further our knowledge and I appreciate it so much.” VIDA took a chance and gave Sandra the opportunity to apply her life experience and it has worked out so well for both parties!  

Creating Community  

It has been the little things for Sandra that have truly impacted her life. As she mentioned, it’s the little moments that help make tenants feel safe at home and part of a community. Some examples of these moments are:  

  • BBQs with her tenants 

  • Christmas tree-decorating with the kids 

  • Spending time with the neighbors and families in her building and helping them foster relationships with other tenants 

For Sandra, it is all about creating a community that fosters a connection, aligning so well with VIDAs purpose: creating community.   

The best part about being involved with the VIDA community through Sandra’s two roles is having the opportunity to see all the little things that make VIDA special come together. She loves seeing how VIDA helps people, creates communities, provides attractive and affordable rents, and improves lives.  

Favourite Memories with VIDA 

Sandra, having two different roles at VIDA, couldn’t pick just one memory! As a Building Ambassador, Sandra had the opportunity to host a tree-decorating party for the children in her building last year. They had cookies, juice, ornament-making, and tree-decorating. Sandra mentioned that a lot of these families do not have the resources to do any other holiday festivities. She said that it was wonderful “watching their little faces light up, they were so happy”. Sandra’s best memory in her role as Accounts Receivable Coordinator was having the time this past summer to spend the whole day with the VIDA office team in Nova Scotia. Games, good food, and many laughs were had by all. This memory was so special to Sandra because it reminded her of the wonderful and supportive team she is surrounded with every day.  

VIDA is so much more than just a company to Sandra. “It got me out of the doldrums and gave me a purpose”. VIDA is all about creating community, and thanks to stories like Sandras, it is evident that that goal is being achieved.